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Public Library Operating, Pay Equity, and First Nation Salary Supplement Grants Program


An application to the Public Library Operating (PLOG), Public Library Pay Equity (PE), and/or First Nation Salary Supplement (FNSS) Grants is completed through one single application form. In order to apply, you are required to meet program eligibility and complete the necessary program requirements for each grant program annually.

Public Library Operating Grants (PLOG)

Library operating grants are statutory under the Public Libraries Act. Library operating funding goes to:
• Public Library Boards and First Nations public libraries; and
• Municipalities, Local Service Boards or First Nations that establish a contract for library service with a neighbouring public library board.

Public Library Pay Equity (PE) and First Nation Salary Supplement (FNSS) Grants

Those applicants currently receiving a Public Library Operating Grant who have met all program terms and conditions may be eligible for Public Library Pay Equity and First Nation Salary Supplement grants.


The grant application deadline is October 31, 2017.

Eligibility Requirements

The Public Library Operating, Pay Equity and First Nation Salary Supplement Grants are distributed to recipients operating a public library in accordance with the Public Libraries Act, who are currently receiving a Public Library Operating Grant and have met all grant program terms and conditions.

Public Libraries Act - Questions and Answers

Program Guidelines and Sample Application


Register in Grants Ontario:
To assist applicants to register in Grants Ontario, read the Transfer Payment Common Registration System user manual How to Create a New Registration.

Retrieve the Application form:
Once you have registered in Grants Ontario, LOGIN using your ONe-Key ID and password to start a new online application in Grants Ontario for the 2017-18 Public Library Operating, Pay Equity, and First Nation Salary Supplement grants.

The Grants Ontario Application Instructions will provide visuals and step by step instructions on how to complete the online application in Grants Ontario.

Grant Program Requirements for 2017-18:

All eligible library applicants should review the 2017-18 PLOG/PE/FNSS Application Program Guidelines and the Sample Application before starting a new online application form in Grants Ontario.

For your specific application requirements, review your customized launch email. Each public library received one of the launch emails below:


Tip Sheet: “Is it GO Secure or Grants Ontario?” – Designed to assist library applicants understand the difference between the two systems, who does what at the ministry, and a place to store user name/One-Key ID and passwords for reference.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)
All library applicants are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance with their Grants Ontario application. To ensure you have the correct requirements in your Certificate of Insurance (COI), print the instructions and provide it to your Insurance Company. They will know what to include in your COI for this grant.

Pay Equity Report
If your library received a Pay Equity (PE) grant in the previous year, you must submit a Pay Equity Report. A detailed, customized Pay Equity Report for your library can be found in Grants Ontario once you start an application form.

First Nation Salary Supplement Report
All First Nation library applicants must complete the First Nation Salary Supplement (FNSS) Report to receive a FNSS grant.

Electronic Funds Transfer Application Form
If your banking information has changed in any way, you MUST submit a new Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form. The Guide provides detailed instructions on how to complete the EFT form. The original signed form must be mailed in to the ministry at address provided on the form.


Mailing Address:

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport
Culture Programs Unit
Programs and Services Branch
Culture Division
401 Bay Street, Suite 1700
Toronto ON M7A 0A7

Mima Casola
Culture Programs Advisor
Tel: (416) 314-7613
Email: mima.casola@ontario.ca

Shannon Khan
Program Officer
Tel: (416) 314-5186
Email: shannon.khan@ontario.ca

For Grants Ontario technical support contact:
• In Toronto: (416) 325-6691, or
• Toll Free: 1-855-216-3090, or

Last updated: August 30, 2017