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Heritage Organization Development Grant


The Heritage Organization Development Grant (HODG) is an annual, statutory-based operating grant designed to promote public awareness of Ontario's rich and diverse heritage. The program provides historical societies, museums and other heritage associations, located throughout the province, with a portion of their annual operating support.

Eligible recipients are non-profit bodies that are actively involved in local outreach activities such as the production of displays and promotional materials, public programs, lecture series, walking tours and special activities designed to inform and educate the general public about their community heritage.


The application period for 2019-20 is now closed.

Eligibility Requirements

The Heritage Organization Development Grant is distributed to recipients operating a year-round or seasonal facility in accordance with Regulation 879, Grants to Incorporated Historical Societies and Associations under the Ontario Heritage Act.

If you wish to apply for a HODG grant, and have not done so before, please send your inquiry by email to:

• Please refer to the 2019-20 Program and Application Guidelines for required four mandatory documents.

• All mandatory documents must be attached to your Grants Ontario application.

Program Guidelines

• Please review the HODG Program and Application Guidelines 2019-20 for details.

Electronic Funds Transfer Application Form and Guide


HODG Program Enquiries:
Shannon Khan, Culture Programs Advisor
Email: HODG-SSAHC@ontario.ca or 416-314-5186

Grants Ontario Technical Support
If you’re experiencing difficulty accessing the application, please contact Grants Ontario Customer Service at:
416-325-6691 or 1-855-216-3090, or email GrantsOntariocs@ontario.ca

Last updated: July 2, 2019