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Community Museum Operating and Pay Equity Grants


This ministry provides annual operating grants to eligible community museums across Ontario. These museums contribute to their communities' economic well-being as employers and tourist attractions, attracting over 3,000,000 visitors per year. This support strengthens their role in their communities as custodians and interpreters of the province's irreplaceable heritage collections. Museums that receive this support are required to meet the criteria established in Regulation 877, "Grants for Museums" under the Ontario Heritage Act and this ministry's Standards for Community Museums in Ontario.


The application period for 2019-20 is now closed.

Eligibility Requirements

Only museums that received funding through CMOG in the previous year 2018-19 are eligible to submit an online application.

Museums that operate a year-round or seasonal museum in accordance with Regulation 877, “Grants for Museums” under the Ontario Heritage Act and ministry’s Standards for Community Museums in Ontario.

Please refer to the 2019-20 Program and Application Guidelines for more details.

Standards Requirements for 2019-20

For this year, the Governance Standard requires a Strategic Plan. Please submit a 3-5 Year Strategic plan OR a letter from your governing body explaining when your Strategic plan will be submitted. Attach one of the following:

(a) A current strategic plan that extends until at least 2020; or

(b) A letter from your governing body that confirms that you are working on a plan or updating your existing plan and when it is expected to be complete.

Governance Standards - Section 5: The museum's operations and activities must:

Be directed by short and long-term written plans (e.g. business plan, strategic plan, visioning plan or master plan) that are:

a. approved by the governing body;

b. contain goals and objectives relevant to the museum's statement of purpose.

All mandatory documents must be submitted with your application and attach in Grants Ontario.

Program Guidelines


Museums Standards Enquiries contact:
Elka Weinstein
Museum and Heritage Programs Advisor
, 416-212-8050

Program Enquiries contact:
Shannon Khan
Culture Programs Advisor

Grants Ontario Technical Support
If you’re experiencing difficulty accessing the application, please contact Grants Ontario Customer Service at:
416-325-6691 or 1-855-216-3090, or email GrantsOntariocs@ontario.ca

Last updated: July 2, 2019