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Partnership Grant Program


The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration is launching a third Call for Proposals for the Partnership Grant Program. The Ministry will hold information sessions on dates indicated in the application guidelines.

The 2016-18 Partnership Grant Program will continue to support building capacity of the not-for-profit sector focusing on three priority areas:

• Program Evaluation
• Inclusive Leadership
• Volunteer Management

The approach will be sector wide with the objective to support two-year projects. Projects must make a substantive impact on improving the ability of not-for-profit organizations to advance their mandates and operate effectively in communities across Ontario.

In April 2010, the Government of Ontario launched the Partnership Project – a province-wide initiative to seek ideas and advice on ways to renew, streamline and modernize the relationship between the government and the Ontario not-for-profit sector. The Partnership Grant Program was designed to address one of the key recommendations - to build sector capacity by investing in projects that support intra-sector cooperation, communication and networks.

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2014-17 Partnership Grants

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2016-18 Partnership Grants


Deadline date for submission of applications has passed.

Eligibility Requirements


The Applicant
The Ministry is seeking applications from:
1) Network or Umbrella organizations with member organizations operating in Ontario,
2) Partnerships representing two or more not-for-profit organizations that demonstrate an ability to recruit and work with a large number of organizations and will be jointly responsible for developing and implementing a project.

NOTE: Where it is proposed that multiple organizations undertake the proposed project, the application shall be made by only one lead eligible organization, which will be responsible for completing the application process and, if approved, will be responsible for fulfilling the terms and conditions of the funding outlined in the agreement.

Note: Applications from PGP 2014-17 grant recipients will not be eligible. The Ministry is seeking applications from new organizations who meet eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria
In addition to the above criteria, to be eligible for funding, organizations must:

  • Have not received funding under the 2014-17 Partnership Grant Program
  • Be incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation without share capital in any jurisdiction in Canada, and: Have its head office or other primary place of business in Ontario; and,
  • Have been operating for at least two years in Ontario; or

    o Be a charitable organization or foundation registered as a charity by the Canada Revenue Agency and have been operating for at least one year in Ontario;

  • Carry commercial general liability insurance of not less than $2,000,000 for property damage, bodily and personal injury for the activities/projects being proposed,
  • Be compliant with Ontario’s Human Rights Code and all other applicable laws.


  • Applications for funding from eligible applicants (please see Eligibility section of program guidelines) will only be considered if the proposed project supports the PGP goal of promoting sector capacity. Funding will be available for two-year projects for a maximum of $300,000 for two years per project (please see the Grants Ontario Application Instructions section in the program guidelines for more details).
  • The Ministry may fund up to 100% of project costs however projects that demonstrate an ability to leverage corporate funding will be given priority.
  • Priority will be given to projects that clearly identify how activities or outputs will achieve the Ministry’s stated outcomes in one of the three priority areas: program evaluation, volunteer management or inclusive leadership.
  • Proposed projects will be accepted for more than one priority area from a single applicant.
  • Proposed projects must detail how they will provide training and mentoring to organizations in the sector.
  • Proposed projects should clearly identify how they will address the specific sector needs in relation to one of the priority areas identified and how the benefits will have a lasting impact.

Program Guidelines 2016-18



For further information about the application process, please register for the one of the teleconference information sessions or contact the Voluntary Sector Relations Unit using the contact information listed below:

Voluntary Sector Relations Unit
Citizenship Branch
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
400 University Avenue, 4th floor
Toronto ON M7A 2R9

Email: PGP@ontario.ca

Last updated: September 5, 2017