The Grants Ontario System supports the following browsers:

Internet Explorer icon Internet Explorer version 6 to 9

Firefox icon Firefox version 9 to 19

If you are using Internet Explorer 10, you may face compatibility problem between Internet Explorer and Grants Ontario. You'll see the Compatibility View button in the Address bar. Click on it to enable the compatibility. Below are the steps.

To turn on Compatibility View

1. See if the Compatibility View button Compatibility view iconappears in the Address bar. (If you don't see the button, there's no need to turn on Compatibility View.)

2. Tap or click the Compatibility View button Compatibility view icon to display the site in Compatibility View.

Once you turn on Compatibility View, Internet Explorer will automatically show that site in Compatibility View each time you visit. You can turn it off by tapping or clicking the button Compatibility view icon again. Or, you can clear the entire list of sites using Compatibility View by deleting your browsing history.


The Grants Ontario System supports the following Adobe Readers:

• Adobe Reader version 9.x and X (version 10) and up to version 11.0.02.

Please note, in order to use the Grants Ontario Application, your Adobe Acrobat must meet one of the following requirements.

• If you only have Acrobat Reader installed, then please ensure that it is Adobe Reader version 9.x or above.

• If you have the full version of Acrobat installed (Adobe Acrobat Pro), which includes PDF Creator and Adobe Reader, then please ensure that the Adobe Reader within this suite of application is Adobe Reader Version X and enable the following settings:

1. Launch Adobe Reader X

2. Click on Edit -> Preferences

3. Click on General in the left-pane

4. Click on “Select Default PDF Handler” in the right-pane (if you do not see this, this means you have an earlier version of Acrobat)

5. Select “Adobe Reader X”. Important to select “Reader”

6. Click on “Apply”

7. Exit “Adobe Acrobat X” application

8. Retry Grants Ontario application

QUESTIONS? Contact us!

For technical assistance with other browsers, or for any other technical issues, please contact Grants Ontario Customer Service at (416) 325-6691 or 1-855-216-3090, or

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