How to Access Transfer Payment Common Registration (TPCR)

There are two methods for accessing TPCR: using ONe-key or GO Secure.

ONe-key and GO Secure give you secure access to Ontario government programs and services, including TPCR. GO Secure is used specifically by individuals within the Ontario government and the broader public sector. ONe-key is more commonly used to access online programs and services.

If you already have a ONe-key ID and password, or to sign up for a ONe-key account:

Click ONe-key .

If you have an existing GO Secure account:

Click GO Secure . In order to complete your access request to TPCR via GO Secure, enter in the administrator’s email fields on the GO Secure Welcome Page.

Grants Ontario Tool Tips – Adobe Reader

The Grants Ontario System supports Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This software is available for download free of charge here:

Note that Adobe Reader XI may be incompatible with Grants Ontario PDF forms.

Note that Adobe Reader Pro is incompatible with Grants Ontario PDF forms.


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