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Indigenous Economic Development Fund – Regional Partnership Grant Program


The Regional Partnership Grant Program improves access for Indigenous people to the skills training required to gain sustainable employment and support for Indigenous business development and economic growth in Ontario.

Projects must have at least two eligible applicants and be supported by a partnership agreement, memorandum of understanding or letters of support indicating each partner’s role in the project.

Projects must result in increased economic benefits for Indigenous people and communities at the regional or provincial levels. Projects are approved through a competitive process. Funding of up to $250,000 per project per applicant(s) is available. A maximum of one year of funding is available.


The application period is now closed.

Eligibility Requirements

You may apply to the RPG if:

1. You are

    • First Nation community in Ontario

    • Métis community in Ontario

    • Political Territorial Organization (PTO) in Ontario.

    • Tribal Council in Ontario.

    • Indigenous business in Ontario; or

    • Indigenous organization recognized by the Province of Ontario.


2. You are applying in partnership with one or more of the following:

    • First Nations community in Ontario;

    • Métis community in Ontario;

    • Political Territorial Organization (PTO) in Ontario;

    • Tribal Council in Ontario;

    • Indigenous business in Ontario;

    • Indigenous organization recognized by the Province of Ontario; or

    Non-Indigenous business and/or organization.

Applicants must match project funding via in-kind contributions from other provincial, federal and local funders and/or private funders. The amount of match funding should equal 50% of total project costs. In exceptional circumstances, the Ministry may consider proposals that include less than 50% match funding.

Note: This is a targeted program restricted to the applicants listed above. If your organization is eligible please contact either the Grants Ontario Help Desk and or the Senior Advisor for the program listed below as access to the application form is restricted to those organizations listed in the Transfer Payment Common Registration System.

Program Guidelines

For program guidelines, application information and reference material, please refer to the following documents:


Tim Sim
Senior Advisor
Programs and Services Unit
Indigenous Relations and Partnership Division
Ministry of Indigenous Affairs
Phone: (416) 459-6455
Email: Tim.Sim@ontario.ca

Technical questions regarding Grants Ontario may be directed to the Grants Ontario Customer Service Line at GrantsOntarioCS@Ontario.ca or by telephone at 416-325-6691 or 1-855-216-3090, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Last updated: July 15, 2019