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Six Nations Fund


The Six Nations Land Claim Negotiations Fund (SNF) is an Ontario government program that provides funding capacity for negotiation and facilitation of reconciliation processes directly to stakeholders and Aboriginal communities and organizations.

Potential fund recipients are identified annually by the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, Negotiations and Reconciliation Division on the basis of their involvement in claims reconciliation and land-related matters. The fund is administered by the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and allocations are approved and monitored through transfer payment agreements between the ministry and the funding recipient.

Funds are provided for specific costs related to specific land claim and reconciliation negotiations and may not be used to support base operating costs of an Aboriginal community. The funds may not be used to cover costs incurred prior to or after the time period identified in the transfer payment agreement. Funds are payable to stakeholder organizations or an Aboriginal community or organization and not to specific individuals.


February 1, 2016

Eligibility Requirements

These guidelines apply to stakeholders and Aboriginal communities and organizations that are involved in an active land claim or reconciliation negotiations with Ontario.

Program Guidelines


For technical support including computer related issues please contact:

In Toronto: (416) 325-6691
Toll Free: 1-855-216-3090


For program specific enquiries please contact:

Business Officer
Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
Telephone: 416-212-2277
Email: Aqsa.Latif@ontario.ca

Last updated: September 17, 2015