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Violence Against Women Prevention for Diverse Francophone Communities


The Ontario Women’s Directorate is inviting Francophone or bilingual organizations to implement violence against women prevention training and public education initiatives for diverse Francophone communities.


This invitation for applications is now closed.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible organizations (or a consortium of organizations) applying for this funding must:

  • Serve Francophone women or the broader Francophone population in Ontario; and
  • Have an understanding of the needs of Francophone women in diverse communities, including violence against women issues.

The following organizations (or consortium of organizations) may apply:

  • an organization incorporated federally or provincially as a not-for-profit corporation;
  • an organization managed by an incorporated board that involves members of the community;
  • bilingual organizations, provided they have letters of support from eligible Francophone organizations and they can demonstrate their previous experience and ongoing ability to provide quality services in French and/or create tools in French;
  • an Aboriginal organization that is a legal entity.

Organizations that do not meet all of the above criteria may be part of a collaborative or consortium that includes at least one eligible member. The eligible member would act as the lead applicant and would accept legal and financial responsibility for any approved grant.

Program Guidelines


Yana Rusanova
Senior Program Advisor
Phone: 416.314.0049
Toll Free: 1.866.510.5902
TTY: 416.314.0258
E-mail: yana.rusanova@ontario.ca

Marie-Claire Muamba
Senior Program Advisor
Phone: 416.314.0327
Toll Free: 1.866.510.5902
TTY: 416.314.0258
E-mail: marie-claire.muamba@ontario.ca

Last updated: February 16, 2016