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Québec-Ontario Cultural Exchange Program


The Program is designed to strengthen cultural dialogue, foster greater cultural collaboration between the two provinces and build capacity in the cultural sector of both provinces.

Program Objectives

The Program seeks to:

    1. Promote the co-creation and the co-presentation of cultural works and products through artistic collaborations or through the presentation of artistic and cultural events

    2. Promote exchanges and the development of partnerships between Ontario and Québec cultural organizations that support capacity building in the cultural sector of both provinces

    3. Develop audiences and markets, and

    4. Expand cultural networks and share cultural expertise

The Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and Québec’s Ministère de la Culture et des Communications invite you to submit a request for financial support to undertake a joint project of cultural cooperation between Ontario and Québec.

Submitting an application

If your organization is registered with Grants Ontario, you can access the Québec-Ontario Cultural Exchange Program application form by connecting to your account.

If you do not have a Grants Ontario account, you must complete the following steps before applying:

Application checklist

    1. The organization has a ONe-Key account

    2. The organization has registered with the Transfer Payment Common Registration

    3. The organization has provided the required information in Grants Ontario

    4. The organization has uploaded the following documents via Grants Ontario:

      a. Project description form

      b. Project budget

      c. Signed declaration*

*Please note that a declaration that bears an electronic signature is acceptable, thereby avoiding the need for the candidate to print, sign, scan and upload the declaration page.

An application is only considered complete when both partners have submitted all materials to their respective government.


The submission deadline for the Québec-Ontario Cultural Exchange Program has passed.

Eligibility Requirements

The projects must:

    Be bilateral, involving at least one Ontario-based partner and one Québec-based partner

    Be jointly delivered in both provinces, on the basis of reciprocity and mutual engagement in regards to project financing and tangible outcomes

    Build capacity in each of the province’s culture sector and result in tangible benefits for both Québec and Ontario

    • Foster long term exchanges between the culture sector of Ontario and Québec, and

    • Lead to the establishment of networks for the creation, presentation and commercialization of cultural products or cultural services, or to the enhanced access to existing networks.

Additional Considerations

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications will give priority consideration to projects that foster digital cultural development, such as:

    - the co-creation or co-presentation of digital cultural content

    - innovative initiatives supporting the cultural sector in adapting to the digital era.

Special consideration will also be given to projects involving partners from communities located outside major urban centres.

Program Guidelines


Lisa Fitzgibbons
Culture Services Consultant
Tel.: (416) 314-7162

If you’re experiencing difficulty accessing the application, please contact Grants Ontario Customer Service at 416-325-6691 or 1-855-216-3090, or email GrantsOntariocs@ontario.ca

Last updated: November 19, 2018