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Volunteer Management Training Series


The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) is launching a call for proposals for a program manager for the new Volunteer Management Training Series (VMTS).

The VMTS is a key action item under the Ontario Volunteer Action Plan (OVAP) launched in 2015. The three-year OVAP was developed in response to a government commitment to reinvigorate Ontario’s tradition of volunteering, while increasing civic engagement. VMTS will assist small/medium-sized NFPs that are experiencing capacity gaps, by providing the opportunity for training on best practices in volunteer management. The program manager would be responsible for developing and implementing the VMTS by way of identifying gaps in a sub-sector’s volunteer management capacity and designing and implementing the program to address the gaps, engaging third parties as required.

MCI is seeking applications for a program manager to develop and deliver the VMTS program, work with MCI, and other ministries, to tailor the program to stakeholder groups across the province. Funding is available over two fiscal years to cover all aspects of program development and delivery.


The application period is now closed.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Organizations

The Ministry is seeking applications from NFP organizations with the capacity, networks and expertise in volunteer management, program management, program evaluation and adult education to act as program manager for the VMTS. NFP organizations, based in Ontario, that meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for project funding:

    • Have been incorporated for at least two years;

    • Have an elected governing Board of Directors;

    • Have bylaws that outline procedures for reporting and accounting to their membership or the public for the organization’s operations and performance;

    • Satisfy MCI that adequate governance structures and accountability processes are in place, to properly administer and manage public funds and to carry out the project consistent with the terms of the Transfer Payment Grant Agreement; and

    • Satisfy MCI that relevant, accurate, and timely financial reporting practices are in place and audited financial statements are available.

Program Guidelines


Volunteer Management Training Series CFP applicants may direct enquiries to:

Janice Moses

Team Lead
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

Last updated: January 26, 2018