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International Energy Demonstration Fund (IEDF)


The International Energy Demonstration Fund (IEDF) is a discretionary, non-entitlement funding program being administered by the Ontario Ministry of Energy on a pilot basis. The program focusses on demonstrations of innovative energy technologies in collaboration with domestic and international partners, to test these technologies in new operational environments.

Applicants must enroll in the One-Key (Transfer Payment Common Registry) to establish a Transfer Payment Account. Once notified, the applicant must then access Grants Ontario to enter the IEDF application system.

Applications to the International Energy Demonstration Fund must be submitted electronically through the Grants Ontario System (GOS).

Step 1: Create a ‘ONe-key’ account and register your organization as a potential Transfer Payment recipient on the Transfer Payment Common Registration system. For instructions, refer to the user guides at http://www.grants.gov.on.ca/GrantsPortal/en/TransferPaymentCommonRegistration/HowtoRegister/index.htm.

Step 2: Request access to Grants Ontario. Refer to How to Access Grants Ontario from the Transfer Payment Common Registration System at http://www.grants.gov.on.ca/GrantsPortal/en/OntarioGrants/HowtoApply/index.htm. Please allow sufficient time as confirmation of GO access may take up to two business days. The grant application form can only be accessed once you are registered for GO.

For assistance, please contact Customer Service for Grants Ontario and TPCR at 416-325-6691 or 1-855-216-3090 or GrantsOntarioCS@Ontario.ca Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.


1. Submit your Application on Grants Ontario: Must include completed budget, other required appendices. Applications are due Thursday July 19, 2018, by 11:59:59PM.

2. Project Review and Selection: Applications to the IEDF would be reviewed by the Ministry of Energy and scored based on mandatory IEDF criteria, the strength of the project proposal, financial preparedness, and additional criteria outlined in the Application Form. Reviewers may contact applicants for further information on their application or proposed demonstration project.

Projects will be selected based on outcomes of this review and the availability of funding. Please note that the submission of an application does not guarantee that an Applicant will be selected for funding. Applicants should be aware that the Province will not reimburse costs associated with the project if the application for funding is not approved and an agreement with the Province has not been signed.

3. Contracting: Successful applicants will be asked to enter into contract negotiations with the Ministry of Energy. Successful applicants will be required to agree on funding terms and conditions set out by the Ministry.

Upon execution of funding agreements, funding will be flowed to Recipients according to milestones identified in the contracts.

4. Performance Reporting: As outlined in funding agreements with the Ministry, IEDF Recipients would be required to participate in an ongoing performance monitoring process for a period of up to three (3) years from the start of the project.

Eligibility Requirements

Ontario companies, including companies representing a consortium of other domestic and international partners, are eligible to receive funding under the IEDF.

A range of energy demonstration project types may be considered eligible, including microgrid, solar, storage, smart meter data, nuclear and other projects.

All projects must be demonstrations in a new market.

Please see Program Guidelines for additional eligibility requirements.

Program Guidelines


Ministry of Energy
Strategic Policy and Research Branch
6th Floor, 77 Grenville St.
Toronto, ON M7A 2C1

Last updated: April 30, 2018